Be My Life-Saving Kidney Donor

My name is Aaron Russell and I'm 44 years old. In August 2014, I became very sick and lost both kidneys due to a disease called vasculitis, an auto immune disease that damaged the small blood vessels in my kidneys.

I was treated with heavy doses of steroids. As a side effect of this treatment, I became paralyzed and had to under go spinal surgery and learn to walk again. All while having dialysis 4 hours a day, three days a week. It was a miserable existence. I was approved to be added to the kidney transplant list. For various reasons no family member could donate a kidney.

During my first hospital stay, I called for the elders of the church to pray and anoint me with oil according to the book of James 5th chapter. Months passed with continued prayers until a man I had only met a few times came to my door and said, "I'm your donor, God told me to give you a kidney."

The transplant surgery was a success but due to complications I lost the kidney 6 years later, Now I am once again needing a kidney transplant. There are currently over 90,000 people waiting on a kidney from a deceased donor. My Doctor says a living donor is my best chance.

If you think you might be interested in donating please call UT Transplant and get more information about being a living kidney donor for Aaron Russell. You can remain anonymous if you choose and you are under no obligation to continue the process after calling. My insurance takes care of all medical costs related to the transplant. The phone number is 865-305-5340 or email The call could save my life.

Please keep me in your prayers.

Aaron Russell

What a living donor should expect.

You can live a healthy and normal life after donating at kidney.

After calling transplant services at UT medical center the Living Donor Coordinator Lanny Martin will ask you some questions about your medical history. This information is keep private and protected like any other information you share with your doctor.

Based on your medical history If you are a good candidate to be a living kidney donor your coordinator will schedule at your convenience some blood work and medical tests to make sure you can safely donate a kidney.

With living kidney donation, surgery can be schedule at a time best for you. You can expect to be off from work for about two weeks.

All medical expenses are covered by the kidney recipients insurance. And there are programs such as the National Living Donor Assistance Center that can help with travel expenses and lost wages. For more information about what they cover and how to apply go to there website at

After donating a kidney you will have some follow up appointments to monitor your recovery. After you recover you can return to living a normal life.

For more information on what to expect and to find out if you can be a living kidney donor call the University of Tennessee Medical center for Transplant services at 865-305-5340 and speak to a medical professional. You are under no obligation to continue the process after calling.